Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I finally broke down and bought a new laptop and THANK GOD!!  As hard as the old SONY was to replace it was limping on it's last leg.  I have had it since 2003 ( I should be ashamed...or should I) we have had a good run together.  This new computer is AMAZING maneuverable.  As a web manager and writer it was excruciating to work on a computer that froze every other moment.
 AWW PIE!!! (watching MAN VS FOOD).
Happy typing (for me anyway). After I transfer all the files from my old computer it will be handed down to my little sister.  I just pray it does not produce the same horror that I suffered as I passed on my Barbie collection to her.  I gave them to her (YES...I was one of those young girls that coveted their Barbie dolls) in perfect condition, perfect silky hair combed flawlessly, clothes pressed and ironed (okay that is just for dramatic purposes) and the next time I saw them their hair was in snarls, they were NAKED and I think one was missing a leg....OHHH the HORROR of it all.  I was traumatized!!  Just Kidding Brit Brit love you!

My art

I found a new love...Elizabeth Gilbert.  Currently I am reading her book "Eat Pray Love" and I feel as if her voice is one from my own heart.  That may sound cheezy (and I am sorry to put that on you), but she has a familiar voice that I have known for years.  Her sense of humor towards the erruption of  life's problems is align with mine.  I can not say that I have struggled with the depths of depression as she describes, but I have been harrassed a time or two by D & L.  I completely relate to her questioning of what our thoughts and feelings stem from, she has written the words that I recently was speaking of to a friend.  We share similar views on the over use of antidepressent being described to people (a band-aid for the real problem.) 
The thing, however,  that I think I can relate to the most...the one thing that really struck a familiar neural cord with me was the deep divide within myself.  Marriage/kids/tradition vs living wild and free amongst the Earth,  screaming to the Earth from the mountain side, diving head first into serging waves from  jagged rocks, being swallowed by the sky as I exit the door of a plane, tasting the spice of a hidden weed, the homemade broth of a mother's foreign land...
I want both.