Thursday, January 21, 2010

LA Ice-cream Wars

First of all THANKS TOM& SUE!!! I had asked for an ice-cream maker for Christmas and that is what I got, Yummy!!  So I started things off with a low fat/low sugar frozen yogurt.  I call it French Vanilla Chocolate Chunk.  The texture was more like hard frozen ice-milk rather than the soft serve frozen yogurt that I am used to.  I used Truvia over sugar and yes whole milk (in my defense over heavy whipping cream) and semi-sweet chocolate chips. I will use dark chocolate next time and a food processor versus a blender.  The flavor was good, but the bowl had to set out for 20 minutes before we could scoop it and then it flaked or chipped into crystals rather than oozed (if you know what I mean).

Luke brought a mean game to the ice-cream maker with rich hot melted chocolate, decadent crunchy peanut butter, sugar, and old fashioned whipping cream.  His ice-cream texture was smooth and creamy, and curved into perfect balls against the scoop.  It melted across the tongue like dreamy chocolate mouse with a kick of peanut butter and had a wonderful nutty crunch that left the sweet and salty tones of the tongue satisfied.

The winner of this round: LUKE