Thursday, March 4, 2010

LA Ice-Cream Wars

Raspberries & Cream
I made a rich and creamy vanilla based ice-cream with fresh raspberries.  It wasn't too sweet and had an undertone of bitterness from the raspberries that, I thought, was a nice compliment to the smooth creaminess.

Butterscotch Cookie Dough
Luke put a lot of work into his ice-cream (he always picks the hard flavors).  He had to make a custard on the stove (I am not a huge fan of custard) before he could add the other ingredients and put it all together.  He realized after his trip to the store that he had forgotten to pick up a bag of chocolate chips so he found a bag of butterscotch chips to use instead.  We tried the experiment right out of the mixing bowl which was a little too milky for me, but after it was frozen overnight and the flavors could settle it was pretty good.  Maybe a little on the rich side, but interesting.

Winner of this round: IT'S A TIE!