Monday, January 25, 2010

 Jabba has us well trained.  He wakes up Luke every morning when he is ready for breakfast by climbing onto his belly like a mountain goat and peering into his face.  I always yell, but Luke will quickly explain that he was about to get up anyway.  Luke and I sleep like dead bodies crammed into coffins on either side of our bed as Jabba sprawls out in the middle sucking the heat off of our bodies.  Jabba gets fed 1/3 cup of food three times a day, I am convinced he knows how to tell time.  If I am late on one of his feedings he will circle around his dish until his bowl is filled.  For any fellow Pug owner, one would know that a Pug is born with the knowledge of what kind of power their eyes have over their "owners."  They use this tool to manipulate, guilt, and trick at all times.  I can not eat a snack without first having dark beady eyes staring up at me, little round wishing wells drowning me deep under their spell.  Even though I am strict on what I feed my dog, he still is the boss.